Research, teaching, and advocacy in ecofeminism, animals ethics, and philosophy for children. 

About Me

I am an independent scholar and part-time faculty in the Department of Philosophy and the Comparative History of Ideas program at the University of Washington. I am also the Philosopher-in-Residence at John Muir Elementary School in Seattle. 

My main area of research is ecofeminist animal ethics. I think and write about conflicts of interest between humans and other animals. I am currently working on a book proposal about the complex moral dimensions of managing obligations to animals when they conflict with important familial and cultural traditions. I am also interested in what moral repair might look like in an inter-species setting, in particular in the context of animal sanctuaries. As an intersectional scholar and activist, I am proud to serve on the Advisory Board of Food Empowerment Project, a vegan food justice organization.

Alongside my ecofeminist research, I am passionate about Philosophy for Children. In addition to my work at the elementary school, I facilitate teacher trainings and serve on the board of the UW Center for Philosophy for Children

A recent copy of my CV is available here.